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There are hundreds, thousands, of these letters.

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I wrote further sections to cover these areas. Unfortunately for most the time I did not have MindGenius. But then there are the peripheral tasks which must not be forgotten, like abbreviation lists, bibliographies, checking mindgenius academic writing rechecking, printing and binding.

Peter Roberts who has been working for the last 6 years on his PhD into the meaning of 2 Greek words, outlined how he was using MindGenius mind mapping software for his research.

Writing it then becomes much easier. Gather and collate information - What do you already know. I hope this will give you an insight into how you could use MindGenius to your advantage. I then worked in a Total Quality Management programme in the nuclear industry before joining Gael and MindGenius 11 years ago.

MindGenius helped Peter to overcome the complexity of the research he was undertaking. Quickly followed by Frustration, Confusion, Self-Doubt and Utter Dissatisfaction with what you've produced, Plus a desire to completely rewrite the report from scratch.

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I am a doer, not a theorist. Are your assumptions still valid. If you can put yourself in the shoes of the report's intended audience you will know the messages they are looking for and the best way to impart that information. Where do you start. You don't like it and they won't like it.

The articles will concentrate more on the nature of the task to be performed and how MindGenius can help you perform them. One of my tasks was to read a lot of letters in Greek which were found in an old rubbish heap in ancient Egypt, looking for evidence of how my word was used.

Sometimes it's harder to write a short report than a long one because of the need to summarise and decide on what to keep in and what to leave out. Spell checks don't highlight wrong words that are spelt correctly. I have to deliver tangible results and break new ground. It's a proven fact that people tend to remember more of the first and last things they are told.

My background is electronic engineering. Academic Stories; Pricing & Upgrades; Moving from Thesis Research to Delivery with MindGenius Last year we featured an article on Mind Mapping Software and PhD Research.

Peter Roberts who has been working for the last 6 years on his PhD into the meaning of 2 Greek words, outlined how he was using MindGenius mind mapping software for his. 1 Making a mind map. MindGenius allows you to create a visual representation of your ideas and concepts.

This can be used to visualise the relationships between concepts or to organize and structure your thoughts. MindGenius lets you create diagrams and mind maps, add pictures and notes, and insert maps into PowerPoint. Academic writing is, of course, any formal written work produced in an academic setting.

While academic writing comes in many forms, the following are some of the most common. MindGenius makes writing it up easy: I've moved the notes editor to the bottom of the screen so I can write directly into the notes (mainly for level 1 branches), using the whole map or focused sections for the complex bits, at the top of the screen as an aide-memoir.

- Show you expectations about academic style at M level - Give tips about structuring academic papers - Teach you how to use and acknowledge sources when demonstrating arguments and analysis in post-graduate work Teaching points: 1.

Planning and mapping 2. Reading for writing 3. Tensions in academic writing 4. Structure of written work 5. report writing, task management, projects and many other challenges, tasks and activities.

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This part of the Guide explains the use of ACADEMIC STORIES MindGenius have been the leading mind mapping, planning and project management software in Education since The uses and.

Mindgenius academic writing
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