To what extent were the purges

There are those who would argue that Stalin was merely one man and could not have continued the purges to the extent that they got to.

First of all, he believed that the country had to be united - with him as leader - if it was to be strong. Even right up to his death Stalin was organising a purge for doctors. Either we do it, or they crush us. Whilst gaining control of the party Stalin was able to make people fully aware that he had the power to take — or give — anything.

There are two sides to the argument however. I believe that the social instability within the main cities from mass urbanisation and the dissent that the Five Year Plans created contributed to the continuation of the purges as the leadership and Stalin needed to find a way to control the chaos.

To What Extent Were the Purges Caused by Stalin’s Paranoia

In addition to that, the leader became increasingly paranoid seeing plots everywhere and power-mad he demanded continuous praise and applause. It said Stalin had ruined the socialist construction of the Soviet Union.

To deal with this predicament, scapegoats had to be found. Censorship of anything that might To what extent were the purges badly on Stalin was enacted. The peasants, urban workers, priests, industrialists, traders etc were not happy. However, the secret police was controlled by Stalin, as were all levels of the party, and you could arguably say that the secret police only killed who they were ordered to kill.

The purges were destabilizing Russian society. Another example of why Stalin was paranoid was the Ryutin platform. Restlessness in Russia had been rife for years, stemming back before the October Revolution and the end of Tsarist Russia, and when Stalin came to power inafter years of ruthlessly maneuvering supporters into places of power from his place as General Secretary.

As well as this, it shows that Stalin had to rely on other party members to support him, perhaps the basis for his paranoia regarding resistance in later years.

To What Extent Were the Purges Caused by Stalin’s Paranoia?

There are those that would argue that the purges were caused by communism itself in the sense that it was necessary for the continuation and evolution of communism. The party was in dissent.

It was a mass execution of Polish nationals, prompted by Lavrenty Beria's proposal to execute all members of the Polish Officer Corps. By purging the party he was able to remove any political opponents that he had, this would have been his obsession that drove him, however the extent that he took the purges to in regards to the party would definitely suggest that he was paranoid and saw enemies everywhere.

However one thing is for certain is that the purges did stop the system from reverting to the old regimes under the Tsar and the provisional government. The murder of Sergei Kirov undoubtedly initiated the Great Purges, but it is To what extent were the purges who was actually responsible.

During the same period it is thought that 10 million were sent to the gulags with many of them dying — either in transit or as a result of the terrible living conditions they had to endure. The Politburo gave Stalin their support for this and the purges began. Stalin was obsessed with maintaining his position of power and by purging the party internally he was able to eliminate any potential enemies.

I however believe that most of these factors do link back to Stalin in some way; although it may not necessarily be due to his paranoia rather his lust for power. Stalin announced that the NKVD had been infiltrated by fascists and that they had arrested and executed innocent people. Stalin's first purges date back to —33 and were aimed at extermination of those who opposed industrialization and the kulaks well-off farmers and entrepreneurs, who opposed collectivization.

Another factor that shows that the purges may have been carried out for economic reasons is the benefits they had for the government, as it was able to provide both scapegoats and a slave workforce.

Common people were left to draw the distinction between incompetence and intentional sabotage, which consequently led to any mishap that might arise in the workplace to be blamed on sabotage. These commanders consisted of Marshall Tukhachevsky and various leaders of the Red Army.

The Soviet heavy industry was weak and in the decline, obviously lacking the capacity to produce enough metal and heavy machinery for the imminent war. Ryutin wrote a page document criticising Stalin, both Ryutin and his followers were purged.

The largest of several simultaneous executions of prisoners of war - the infamous Katyn massacre - took place in April and May in the Smolensk region.

What sort of opposition to Stalin had developed before. Paranoid at the idea that the army was secretly planning a military coup, Stalin is believed to have used a double agent who worked with both Stalin and Hitler to take advantage of the paranoia raging in the Soviet Union. The worst nation to suffer from Stalin's purges in the Soviet Union were not the Russians - this is historians' main argument against equating Stalinism and Hitler's fascism.

Hitler's machine of extermination had been targeted at non-Germans. As production levels were levelling off and the Five Year Plans were falling behind schedule Stalin needed to take action to find scapegoats and ways to increase productivity.

It can be argued that Stalin made use of the purges to create a slave labour force within the Gulags. Feb 07,  · The main reason for the Great purges was that Stalin felt threatened by the growing opposition towards him. There was so much opposition to him that he couldn’t help but feel isolated and so obviously wanted to replace the hostile opposition with people who supported him and were loyal.

Stalin, was his paranoia the main cause of the great purges?

To what extent was Stalin personally responsible for the Purges of the USSR in the 's? The person responsible for the purges in Soviet Russia in was seen to be Stalin as his signature was on the documents which authorised the mass killings.

Also historians do believe that the purges were. The totalitarian view of the purges is that Stalin’s personality was central to the way the purges were carried out and the extent to which they were carried out. However the revisionists take the view that Stalin’s personality and paranoia is not a sufficient enough reason for the cause of the purges.

To what extent were the Stalinist purges between and “simply to eliminate his rivals”? Tagged In: Do you agree with the view, expressed in Source 6, that ‘What destroyed Tsardom was the length of the war’?

To what extent were the purges
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